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    The grapes are picked by hand and then gently pressed. The white wine is obtained through primary fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel vats. La second phase of fermentation, which lasts about 60 days, takes place in autoclaves. Two months later, the wine is filtered and bottled at cold temperatures. ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: A pale, straw yellow colour, it releases a fresh, slightly fruity fragrance reminiscent of apples and wild flowers. Its inviting, dry taste makes it pleasant, delicate and elegant.
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    The grapes are picked by hand and made into white wine by softly pressing them. Primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The sparkling winemaking process takes place using the Italian method in autoclaves (Charmat method) and has a duration of approximately 60 days. This is followed by a filtering phase and bottling at cold temperatures. ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: A light, straw yellow, with a refined, lingering perlage. An elegant and refined olfactory profile opens up to a soft, fresh, fruity taste, with scents of acacia and wisteria flowers. Despite its modest alcohol content, its flavour is delicate, pleasant and harmonious.
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